4 Unexpected Things You’ll Find at the ASPB Membership Desk at #plantbio16

So you probably know you can stop by the Membership desk (next to registration) to learn about ASPB membership, to join or renew your ASPB membership, and to say hi to some familiar faces, those ASPB staff you’ve been emailing with all year.  But did you know you could also do these fun things? Purchase Plantae and Plant … Read more

Networking Socially at Plant Biology 2016

Without a doubt, one of the top reasons we attend conferences is to strengthen and expand our professional networks. The many opportunities that a conference provides to meet and interact with colleagues and friends old and new make the jet lag and hassle of travel worthwhile, mostly. The Plant Biology meeting is a big meeting … Read more

Q&A with Richard Dixon about the President’s Symposium at Plant Biology 2016

ASPB President Richard A. Dixon, Ph.D, University of North Texas, has organized an important Major Symposia for the Plant Biology 2016 conference on plant specialized metabolism. Joining Dr. Dixon for the sessions will be: Ian Baldwin, Ph.D, Max Planck Institute, Jena Gregg Beckham, Ph.D, National Renewable Energy Labortory Joe Noel, Ph.D, Salk Institute Anne Osbourne, … Read more

Plant Biology 2016: An Interview with Harry Klee About the Major Symposia—Developing Healthier Foods: Quality, Nutrition, and Molecular Gastronomy

Harry Klee, Ph.D, University of Florida, has organized an important Major Symposia for the Plant Biology 2016 conference on developing healthier foods. Joining Dr. Klee for the sessions will be: Andy Allan, Ph.D, Plant and Food in New Zealand Linda Bartoshuk, Ph.D, University of Florida Cathie Martin, Ph.D,  John Innes Center Here are just a … Read more

Plant Biology ’15 wrap up

This is my final wrap up of #plantbiology15. My previous posts from before and during the conference (pdf) are here, here, here and here. There was a lot to take in.  The final impression of Plant Biology 2015, now that I’ve had a chance to reflect, is that it was a lot. A lot of things to see, do, … Read more

Plant Biology (#plantbiology15) days 4 and 5. Too much happening.

This post covers two days of Plant Biology, 2015 in Minneapolis. Your correspondent took the night last night to attend the closing mixer/party and so decided to combine the last two days into one post. Once again, this is just to give a reader a sense of what went on at the conference, not exhaustive … Read more

#plantbiology15 day 3. A day where energy returned

It rained this morning in Minneapolis. Luckily, that ended pretty quickly and the day was off to a quick start with the major symposia on epigenetics, with all of the speakers discussing the methylome (all of the DNA that ends up methylated in the genome, in what cells & in what conditions it occurs in … Read more

A day of connecting. Of pushing comfort zones. #plantbiology15 day 1

I went for a run this morning at 6:15am. It is now 20 past midnight. In between was day one of Plant Biology. And yes, I was there the whole day, or interacting with people at the conference that whole time. I’ve been getting known more and more for being the “twitter person” at Plant BIology … Read more

What is Plant Biology? (#plantbiology15)

The following was originally posted on the Quiet Branches Blog. Plant Biology is the name of the annual meeting organized by The American Society of Plant Biologists- ASPB (& sometimes co-organized with partner plant science societies from around the world). This is one gathering of the plant science community, one of the bigger ones that … Read more

Plant Biology 2015 – Call for Volunteers

Help with event coverage: Call for Volunteers in Minneapolis Volunteer onsite and help the entire plant science community stay connected with Plant Biology 2015. Together, we can raise awareness, increase visibility around the amazing science, networking, and education happening at the meeting and beyond. Opportunities include: Event coverage via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Taking … Read more

Plant Biology 2015: Getting Connected

We are hitting the road soon and heading to Minneapolis for what is shaping up to be a fantastic meeting. This year, Plant Biology 2015 includes: 1,000+ Abstracts 100+ Exhibits 1,100+ Posters 30+ Mini symposia 5 Major Symposia 20 Workshops and Career sessions A series of networking events and activities A team of volunteers and … Read more