Six Meetups Happening at #PlantBio16

#plantbio16 meetupsGetting ready for Plant Biology 2016 in Austin?
Meetups are a great way to gather face-to-face with friends, colleagues, and others with similar interests.


1. ASPB Ambassador Meetup
(Saturday 3:30 – 4 pm – Membership desk near registration)
Curious about how to become an ASPB Ambassador? Come meet our current Ambassadors who help support and grow the plant science community.

2. #plantbio16 Tweetup
(Saturday 6:30-7pm in the Plantae Pavilion)

Start networking early and meet fellow #plantbio16 tweeters.

3. Attendee Meet & Greet Breakfast
(Sunday 7 – 8:30 am in the Plantae Pavilion)
Get your meeting off to a great start, help us welcome first-time attendees, and get insider info about what’s hot at Plant Biology 2016.   Coffee and a light breakfast will be served. Don’t miss the HMMI raffle prize drawing at 8:15 AM. Must be present to win!

4. Plantae Meetup
(Sunday 4 – 5 pm in the Plantae Pavilion)
Have you joined Plantae?  Join us to learn where we are on our digital transformation journey, find out about getting hands-on training on the platform right here at Plant Biology 2016, and volunteer to help shape the direction of the community.

5. Pub Club Hub Meetup
(Sunday 7:30 – 8 PM in the Plantae Pavilion)

Overwhelmed by all the information you need to take in as a developing scientist?  Wondering how to fill the gap between your current skill set and the list of qualifications desired by potential employers, i.e. “The Void”?  The most untapped resource we have to help us is “The Community of Minds.”  Come see Bethany Huot and Mary Williams at The Pub Club meet-up to see how you can become a part of The Community of Minds and start filling the Void today!

6. PUI Meetup
(Monday 3:15 – 3:45 pm in the Plantae Pavilion) 
Are you from a “primarily undergraduate institution” (those that award no or few graduate degrees)? Join the PUI networking group at the Plantae Pavilion. Hot topic: a possible PUI section within ASPB in the future, other activities to support PUIs.


See you there!  Look out for more tips in the posts to follow!


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