Plant Biology 2020 Worldwide Summit

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing actions taken globally to limit the spread of the virus, the ASPB Board of Directors has decided to convert Plant Biology 2020 to a fully online conference that includes both synchronous (real-time livestream) and asynchronous (on demand) access for attendees. The Plant Biology 2020 Worldwide Summit will … Read more

President’s Letter – The Transparency Project: Episode 2

Continuing our transparency project, in this President’s Letter I discuss a proposal for a new name and mission statement for one of our standing committees, the Minority Affairs Committee (MAC), and highlight the activities of another standing committee, the Women in Plant Biology (WIPB) Committee. Minority Affairs Committee Our standing committees work hard to identify … Read more

Halfway to Establishing the New Primarily Undergraduate Institution Section

BY ANDREAS MADLUNG University of Puget Sound For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to focus my career on working with students; designing curricula, lesson plans, and lab activities; and passing on my excitement about living things to anyone who might share this interest. While in graduate … Read more

President’s Letter – Be the Change

By Rob Last, Michigan State University, and Mary Williams, Features Editor, The Plant Cell “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Attributed to Margaret Mead (1901–1978), American cultural anthropologist Whether or not Dr. Mead actually uttered this quote, the words … Read more

Gazing into the Crystal Ball: Next-Gen Careers

President’s Letter—March/April 2019 By Rob Last, Michigan State University, ASPB President. Co-authored by Laura Grapes, Bayer Crop Sciences, and Andrew Hanson, University of Florida. We continue the experiment of expanding participation in ASPB started with the last President’s Letter (…). This letter is part of a collection of resources (…) about training and jobs in the … Read more

The Plant Cell 30th Anniversary T-Shirt Competition!

Eligibility The contest is open to all, including TPC editors and ASPB staff. Participation in the contest constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of the following rules. There is no limit to the number of entries per person during the contest period. Design Designs should be no larger than 12″ x 12″. … Read more

President’s Letter—Securing the Future of Plant Biologists

January/February 2019 • Volume 46, Number 1 Note: To help increase the usefulness of the President’s Letter and expand participation in ASPB, a collection of resources from other community members that are relevant to this topic are available on the Plantae website. Links are provided to blogs written by members of our community and existing … Read more

ASPB Wins The 2018 Gold EXCEL award for the Plantae podcast, The Taproot, from Association Media and Publishing

ASPB is pleased to announce that The Taproot, a Plantae podcast, has received a Gold EXCEL award for excellence in DIGITAL MEDIA: Podcast (Other category) from the Association Media and Publishing. The EXCEL Awards recognize excellence and leadership in nonprofit association media, publishing, marketing, and communications. Winners received their awards during the Annual EXCEL Awards … Read more

President’s Letter—Feeding the World: Reasons for Optimism

Having recently spent time in our nation’s capital asking for support for increased plant science research funding, I’ve been thinking about how we feed the world. Everywhere I turn, I see dire predictions about our ability to keep up with population growth. But the more I think about the issues we face, the more optimistic … Read more

Plant Biology 2018 in Montreal: Code of Conduct Roll-out

With only three weeks until Plant Biology 2018 in Montreal, we would like to remind everyone to be kind and respectful toward each other during the conference, and always. ASPB is committed to ensuring that our meetings are welcoming and inclusive for everyone, so that we can be comfortable sharing ideas with each other, forming … Read more

ASPB: Evolving In A Digital Age

BY THE ASPB DIGITAL TEAM Some of you may remember when academic correspondence took place by post. Authors sent manuscripts by mail to journals, which passed them on to reviewers, whose comments were ultimately returned to the authors, who then started the process again with a revised manuscript. ASPB published annually a printed membership directory … Read more

President’s Letter: Your ASPB – The Things You Most Value

The results are in from our membership survey. First, I want to acknowledge the work of Shea Keene, a University of Florida graduate student, and her mentor Dr. Thomas Colquhoun, who collected and analyzed all of the data. I also sincerely thank those of you who participated and am taking this opportunity to explain the … Read more

ASPB Wins 2018 Excellence in New Communications Award for Plantae

(ASPB) is pleased to announce that Plantae, the online home for the global plant science community, has been awarded an Excellence in New Communications Award from the Society for New Communications Research of The Conference Board (SNCR) in the Communications, Communities, and Collaboration category – nonprofit division. This prestigious award honors organizations for their exemplary use of digital, mobile and … Read more

Elections open April 9th: Your opportunity to guide ASPB’s future

In this election cycle, you are being asked to vote for a new President-Elect, Secretary-Elect, and Corresponding Members. The President-Elect will serve ASPB for three years: in year two becoming the President. The Secretary serves on the program committee for four years, serving as chair in years two and three: this committee organizes the scientific … Read more

Plant Scientist Runs for Congress

I believe science can help us develop solutions to global food insecurity. I study the effects of drought on maize roots at the University of Missouri, and I hope my findings will contribute to improving crop resilience as rainfall patterns change in the Midwest. Currently, I am represented in Congress by an anti-science politician, U.S. … Read more

Fond farewell to Patti Lockhart, ASPB Managing Editor

The staff and editorial boards of ASPB, The Plant Cell, and Plant Physiology would like to offer our appreciation and best wishes to Patti Lockhart, who is leaving her position as managing editor of the ASPB journals for a new opportunity at the Transportation Resource Board of the National Academies. Patti has been with ASPB … Read more

Plant Scientists Share Their ASPB Stories for #GivingTuesday

One of the many ways that ASPB supports plant science is to provide professional development opportunities for plant scientists now and for future generations. We recently asked 10 plant scientists to share their stories with us and to tell us about how ASPB has impacted their career and research. On #GivingTuesday, help us expand our … Read more