Plant Science Startups wow the crowds at Plant Biology 2019

In keeping with the innovation and tech valley theme of our San Jose location, ASPB welcomed five plant science startups to Plant Biology 2019 to take part in what we called the “Innovation AveNEW” row of exhibitors in a section of the tradeshow floor.  In case you couldn’t make it to the conference, here’s a … Read more

Getting engaged in my PB19 T-shirt: The whole story!

The background story to the ASPB article ‘From San Jose to “Yes!”‘ Everyone loves a good heartfelt romantic story… so if you’re curious how Plant Biology 2019 had a role in my romantic relationship- read on! I have lived in Annapolis, Maryland since I was born. I graduated from the University of Maryland (go Terps!) … Read more

Plant Biology 2019: Women in Plant Biology Lunch Recap with guest speaker Dr. Denneal Jamison-McClung

Mentorship, sponsorship, and inclusivity were the themes of the 2019 ASPB Women in Plant Biology lunch with Dr. Denneal Jamison-McClung (@yggdrasil13751 on Twitter). Dr. Jamison-McClung is the Coordinator for the UC Davis ADVANCE Program, Director of the UC Davis Biotechnology Program, and Director of the BioTech SYSTEM at UC Davis. In addition to these many roles, Dr. Jamison-McClung is also a plant … Read more

Careers Beyond Academia Workshop

An ASPB Membership Committee event at Plant Biology 2019 The Careers Beyond Academia Workshop was organized by the ASPB Membership Committee and set up as several roundtable question-and-answer sessions, where each table was hosted by someone established in a non-academic career and attendees could choose who they wanted to pepper with questions. Speaking as someone … Read more

Plant Biology 2019 – Know Before you Go

BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME” CHECKLIST: Go to the Plant Biology Meeting Network on Plantae, log in/sign up and fill out your profile, and check out the latest conversations. Bring an electronic copy of your CV if you plan to visit the Career Center! Download the conference app! Search for “CROWDCOMPASS ATTENDEEHUB” in the Apple or Google Play … Read more

Plant Biology 2019 Workshops

Careers, teaching, entrepreneurship, networking, and more The major symposia may grab your attention and induce you to click that “Register Now” link, but don’t miss the remarkably diverse set of workshops offered at Plant Biology 2019. Registrants can choose from more than a dozen workshops that cover career advancement and mentoring for diverse scientists, discuss the latest plant science techniques, … Read more

In the spotlight at Plant Biology 2019: Future of Food and Agriculture

From agricultural robotics to the Impossible Burger Although the buzz words “food security” and “sustainable agriculture” have been hot topics in plant science for quite some time now, they remain as important as ever. Climate change is happening, and the world’s population isn’t getting any smaller, so just how are we going to feed almost 10 billion … Read more

Plant Biology 2019 will be accepting 200 E-Posters!

What are E-Posters? E-Posters are on-line interactive, multimedia research presentations that are displayed electronically on large format HD monitors at the conference. Can I see an example? Yes! You can view a live example* by clicking here. This E-poster example was created by Zoë Migicovsky, a Postdoctoral Fellow at Dalhousie University. How do I know if I … Read more

Childcare at Plant Biology 2019

Part of ASPB’s commitment to equity ASPB is proud to have offered childcare at its annual meeting for many years, as noted in a PNAS article from 2018. Plant Biology 2019 is no exception, with available onsite childcare at rates (see details below) partially supported by a grant from the Romanoff Foundation.  ASPB feels strongly that childcare at conferences promotes … Read more

Synthetic Biology at Plant Biology 2019

Starting with Major Symposium 5 and continuing to Plant Synthetic Biology 2019 Learn about this emerging field at Plant Biology 2019 and the inaugural ASPB-sponsored Plant Synthetic Biology 2019. Imagine a world in which plants are no longer bred from existing varieties but designed, almost from the ground up, for specific functions – increased crop yield, storing carbon, chemical … Read more