Plant Science Startups wow the crowds at Plant Biology 2019

In keeping with the innovation and tech valley theme of our San Jose location, ASPB welcomed five plant science startups to Plant Biology 2019 to take part in what we called the “Innovation AveNEW” row of exhibitors in a section of the tradeshow floor.  In case you couldn’t make it to the conference, here’s a little bit about each one. Please visit their websites to learn more!

Amaryllis Nucleics

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RNA sequencing is vital for cutting-edge cancer diagnostics, pharmaceutical development, and food security, but the time and cost are major bottlenecks. At Amaryllis Nucleics, our technology breaks down these barriers by cutting time and cost manyfold — empowering researchers and accelerating important discoveries in genomics. 

We are a University of California-Davis spinoff. While at UC-Davis, we synthesized, sequenced, and analyzed several thousand RNA-seq libraries. To address the major time and cost bottlenecks we spent two years developing and optimizing a novel approach to RNA-seq library synthesis.




Confluence R&D

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Confluence R&D develops software and hardware for researchers in need of something special; something that does not exist elsewhere. We are a family-owned contracting firm for plant phenotyping, computer vision, high performance computing, machine learning, and data science. 

At ASPB Plant Biology 2019, we exhibited an instrument developed for a biostimulants client who needed real-time plant phenomics reports. As engineers, the best part of the show was exchanging ideas with scientists for their upcoming projects. Let us create something special for you!



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With its experience and long-lasting partnerships with leading scientific research institutes, Hiphen has developed a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies specifically designed for plant phenotyping to ensure cost-effective and high-quality results for your business.

Hiphen is a spin-off of INRA – the French National Institute for Agricultural Research – and is also an active member of a scientific research unit specialized in sensors and teledetection for plant phenotyping (UMT CAPTE) – in partnership with INRA and ARVALIS. This puts Hiphen in a unique position to ensure that:

  • Our clients’ challenges and needs for the detection and analysis of crops’ traits and/or disease are well-understood;
  • A robust data acquisition method is put in place, using the most appropriate set of well-calibrated sensors and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) 
  • A robust data analytics method is put in place, using the most advanced data science techniques, our experts’ knowledge and expertise, and the latest scientific research findings.


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Plant-Ditech provides a novel high-throughput functional (physiological) digital phenotyping solution. Lately, we’re excited to be focusing on expanding our operations in North America and installing soon two of our systems at well-known universities in Canada and the US East Coast.  

At PB19, we talked to a lot of students and researchers about our solution and how we can help accelerate their research.


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Terramera is a cleantech leader focused on fusing AI, science and nature to create revolutionary technologies that transform how we grow food and solve other world-scale challenges. Our mission is to unlock the intelligence in nature to ensure a world that thrives and provides for everyone. Using our Actigate™ Targeted Performance technology, Terramera is committed to reducing global synthetic chemical loads in agriculture by 80 percent while increasing global farm productivity by 20%.

Terramera has participated in the ASPB conference for the past several years and was honored to be included in the Innovation AVEnew at Plant Biology 2019 in San Jose. It gave us the opportunity to discuss automation and phenotyping with other companies and academic research groups in the agtech space and to network with representatives from other Innovation AVEnew companies. Since San Jose, we announced our Series B funding round, accelerating our ability to transform agriculture while positively impacting the environment and the health of people across the world.”

We look forward to seeing how these companies grow (pun intended) in the plant science field.  Hopefully they will stay in touch with us so we can watch their journeys unfold!

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