Your Meeting Checklist: 21 ways to get the most out of Plant Biology 2016

checklistPlant Biology 2016 is turning out to be our best meeting yet and we want to make sure that you get the most out of your time. To help you do this, our team at ASPB put together this handy list of 21 ways to maximize your experience.

Plan your schedule
Making the best use of your time to learn as much as you can is key to having a great conference – here are four ideas to help:

  1. Download the Plant Biology 2016 app (search in iTunes or Google Play)
  2. Review the online schedule and make a plan for what you want to attend.
  3. Share notes and materials from sessions. You can only be at one place at a time, so coordinate with others on what to attend and how to share notes and materials from sessions.
  4. Attend a session or two topics you know nothing about. It’s a good way to learn something new.

Get more engaged and better connected
Making new connections, learning from others, and getting involved really makes your experience more meaningful and memborable. Here are 10 things you can do:

  1. Attend the Meet & Greet Breakfast. This is the best way to begin your meeting experience. (Sunday, 7-8:30am in the Plantae Pavilion)
  2. Visit us at the ASPB membership desk or the Plantae Pavilion and we are happy to help you get introduced and plan your schedule
  3. Use the “talk to me about” buttons to introduce yourself to others (we are distributing these during the meet & greet breakfast on Sunday morning)
  4. Practice your “elevator pitch” by attending the workshop and then making a video.  Practice it as you meet new people.
  5. Keep business cards in your badge holder to hand out. No cards? We have some for you – visit the Plantae Pavilion.
  6. Keep a journal with daily notes: things you learned, aha moments, people you met, things that inspired you.
  7. Volunteer: it’s a great way to meet new people and get involved (Volunteer meeting, Saturday, 5-6pm in room 13A)
  8. Use your phone to take photos of people with their badges that you meet – a great way to remember names and faces
  9. Share ideas and ask questions at the Town Hall Meeting (and at all sessions you attend)
  10. Join the Plant Biology 2016 group on Plantae. 

Use social media to share your experience
Capturing your experience by using social media and blogs is a great way to document the event. It also helps those who cannot attend!

  1. If you take photos, or write tweets or blog posts – use the hashtag #plantbio16. Learn about all meeting-related social media activities here.
  2. Visit the selfie station in the Plantae pavilion

Follow up after the conference
Make sure to follow up and share – your attendance is an investment of time and energy so make it count! Here are five post-event ideas to help:

  1. Keep the conversation going in the Plant Biology 2016 group on Plantae
  2. Review your journal to see if there is anything you should follow up on.
  3. Share the materials and what you learned with your colleagues.
  4. Send a note of appreciation to the administrator who approved your attendance at the conference (with a summary of what you learned and/or what inspired you the most)
  5. Do a presentation for your team about what you learned


See you there!  Look out for more tips in the posts to follow…

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