Plant Biology (#plantbiology15) days 4 and 5. Too much happening.

This post covers two days of Plant Biology, 2015 in Minneapolis. Your correspondent took the night last night to attend the closing mixer/party and so decided to combine the last two days into one post. Once again, this is just to give a reader a sense of what went on at the conference, not exhaustive account, there’s more to search at #plantbiology15, as well as looking up the researchers mentioned below that presented their work.

Wednesday at Plant Biology was another solid day at the conference. The day started with the major symposia on plant-microbe and plant-insect interactions.

The chair, Xinnian Dong of Duke University had some good lines in her talk on circadian rhythms and a plant’s interaction with pests and or pathogens.

The fact that plants can schedule their defense responses to times of day when pathogen attack is most likely is incredible and one great example of why organisms have circadian clocks, to anticipate events that occur regularly.

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