#plantbiology15 day 2

Today was a quieter day for me at Plant Biology. I missed a lot of sessions and just was more internally focused today, though I did do a bit of networking, which was good, got my CV reviewed, gave my business card to a lot of people. As with many things, I do have a fear of missing out, but it’s not possible to see everything and I think we all just do our best.

But there was a lot going on to be sure! I’m writing this based on conversations, tweets, and other input, so anyone can correct me if I’ve gotten something wrong.

Today seemed to be a little lower key too across the meeting, a little more subdued. Perhaps it was because I was running around in rooms doing things like testing the new Plantae platform designed as a digital ecosystem for plant scientists. It really has a lot of potential I think.

ASPB put out a question of the day on a giant roll of paper. “What do you hope to learn/do at Plant Biology?” Many people answered in their own creative ways. Tomorrow there will be another question and on Wednesday a 3rd.  I think things like this are important little distractions, and if the idea that doodling is good for retention of ideas, a good outlet to have at conferences where learning is part of the goal.

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