Plantae Conviron Seeding Discovery Competition

Have a great idea but need somewhere to grow it?

The Seeding Discovery Competition will award one university or college student with a state-of-the-art GEN1000 plant growth chamber that will enable them to fulfill a meaningful research program in the field of plant sciences, biology and biotechnology. The competition offers entrants valuable experience for all early career scientists:

  • crafting a research proposal that aligns with personal and departmental objectives
  • working with faculty and administration on the planning, logistics and reporting that research projects often entail
  • meaningful contribution to their institution’s research equipment infrastructure

The Seeding Discovery competition supports the overall goals of both Plantae and Conviron, building upon the collaborative spirit that underpins Plantae, the global community and knowledge hub for more than 9,000 plant science professionals, and underscoring Conviron’s commitment to supporting early career scientists and nurturing their research.

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