ASPB President’s Update: Your Perspective Matters!

Dear ASPB members, My efforts in the past eight months have been focused on understanding the many people involved in carrying out the ASPB mission and looking for ways to build connections and remove barriers to inclusion. ASPB unites us as a community of people who support the growth and development of the field of … Read more

Member Spotlight – Robert Giaquinta

Robert Giaquinta ASPB Legacy Society Founding Member How did you spend your career? After completing my PhD in biology (plant physiology) in 1972 under Donald Geiger at the University of Dayton, I did two years of postdoctoral research in the laboratory of Richard Dilley at Purdue University. My PhD focused on phloem transport, and my … Read more

Member Spotlight – Zhiyong Wang

Zhiyong Wang Acting Director and Senior Staff Scientist, Plant Biology, Carnegie Institution for Science INTERVIEW BY DIWAKER TRIPATHI ASPB Student Ambassador, University of Washington Zhiyong Wang grew up in Wuda, a small coal-mining town in northwest Inner Mongolia, China. He received his BS in plant physiology from Lanzhou University, China, and his MS from the … Read more

March/April President’s Letter: Your Society Needs Your Vote!

Because of publication deadlines, I started to write this newsletter the day before the Iowa caucuses. International members of the Society may be unfamiliar with the somewhat bizarre procedure whereby the people of the state of Iowa select their preferred choices for presidential nominee for both major parties, and I would bet that many in … Read more