New feature, “Plants in the News”

We’re starting a new weekly feature, “Plants in the News”. This feature is inspired by the This Week in Chemistry series published by Compound Interest (Andy Brunning). The goal is to support teaching and outreach by highlighting a few current news stories that feature plants and plant science. If you have a timely suggestion for this Friday feature, let us know during the week and maybe your story will be included!


Resources and links:

NASA. (7 Aug, 2015). Meals Ready to Eat: Expidition 44 Crew Members Sample Leafy Greens Grown on Space Station.

The Scottish Government. (9 Aug, 2015). GM Crop Ban.

Science Media Centre. (9 Aug, 2015). Expert Reaction to Scottish Government Ban on GM Crops.

Service, R.F. (14 Aug, 2015). Modified Yeast Produce Opiates from Sugar. Science, 349: 677.

ABC News (11 Aug, 2015). Rare Daisy Angianthus globuliformis Becomes WA’s 10,000th Native Plant Species.

BBSRC Media (27 July, 2015). How Plant Science is Writing Our Future Stories.


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