Contribute to Plant Image Collection (PIC) Week

Plant image analysis is a growing field in the plant community. From the cell level to the canopy, many tools were developed in the last few years, most of which are referenced on the website.

These tools helped analysing thousands of images, leading to many publications. However, these images were rarely made available to the community and, for the ones that were shared, they are scattered across the web (data repositories, journals, …). However, these datasets could be re-used by the community and are of crucial importance for the field of plant image analysis, as they are needed for validation and benchmarking of new tools.

A few days ago, we created a new section on the website to reference these plant image datasets. We now need to community to help us gather these datasets, to make them more visible to anyone.

So this week, we launch the Plant Image Collection (PIC) Week, during which we ask everyone who has published (either as a standalone dataset, or as supplemental material to a paper) a dataset of plant images to submit it to the database. Just click here:

Submit a new datasetg-lobet

If you do not have a public dataset and want to submit some images anyway, feel free to do it as well! It is very simple:

  • Create a new dataset on Zenodo, figshare or Dryad.
  • Upload your images;
  • Upload a description of the experimental setup;
  • Upload a description of the imaging setup;
  • Upload the corresponding measurements, if any. This helps other researchers to easily re-use your data;
  • Submit the link 

If you do not have any images, but know colleague who do, send them the link. Spread the word! The more people we have submitting, the more useful the database will be.


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