Newest Teaching Tool: Light-Dependent Reactions of Photosynthesis

We’re delighted to announce that the latest Teaching Tool in Plant Biology article “Light-Dependent Reactions of Photosynthesis” is published. This article was written by me (Mary Williams), as well Ru Zhang (Carnegie Institute of Science) and Johnna Roose (Louisiana State University). Ru and Johnna are both educators and researchers who specialize in the study of photosynthetic light reactions. This topic is so important and so broad that we had the work peer-reviewed by eight experts, each of whom provided invaluable feedback for improvements (thank you all).LightReactionsThumbnail

The Teaching Tool covers the “core” of the topic, including the structure and function of photosynthetic complexes and acclimations to variable light intensity, as well as the evolution and diversity of photosynthesis, optimizing photosynthesis, artificial photosynthesis and photosymbiosis. We’ve made every effort to provide this sometimes complex material in a clear and engaging way. We hope you can assign these materials to students for outside-of-class reading or use them to form the basis for or to supplement a lecture or lesson. Some of the information is accessible to the younger undergraduate but some is targeted at students in advanced coursework, highlighting current research topics.

TTPB32Abridged24For those of you who don’t have much time to dedicate to the topic, we’ve assembled a set of 24 PowerPoint slides that cover the key ideas, the “24-slide overview”. Additionally, a shorter overview of the topic, a concept guide and suggestions and links for student engagement are provided in the Teaching Guide.

Enjoy, and happy new year!



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