Classroom & Garden Interactive Sessions: Fort Myers, FL

Six Mile Charter Academy (SMCA) in partnership with the Florida SouthWestern State College (FSW), will celebrate the Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD) on May 16th at SMCA grounds. The purpose of this event is to disseminate the importance of plants in everyday lives of students and make them realize that life without plants is virtually unimaginable. The main site of this event will be 1200 square feet sustainable garden at SMCA, built with the help of Lee County Master Gardener Adrienne Diaz.


The event will kick off with student interaction via classroom visits by biology professor Dr. Anjali Misra from FSW. The purpose of the visit is to share the theme of “Fascination of Plants Day” and encourage students to share their thoughts about plants. Students will also have an opportunity to meet with a team of scientists from Algenol, a biofuel company in the area.

Additionally, student created art work with a plant theme will be displayed on May16th along with garden displays. Other creative displays will include a farmer’s market with the fresh harvest from the SMCA garden. Additionally, students will show their culinary skills by creating their own salad bar. The event will culminate in a 5k run by the SMCA students in the area.

Dr. Misra also will give a talk on March 17th at The Naples Preserve. Her talk is entitled Plant Microbial Fuel Cell (pMFC): A Tool for Innovators and Educators. It is a part of nature talk series organized by The Naples Preserve for the 2015 season. See here for more details and logistics.

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