Fascination of Plants Day


Plants are fascinating! On May 18, 2015 we will show the world why.

Fascination of Plants Day 2015 is an international event that showcases how plants are essential to the food, pharma, fuels, and fibers integral to our daily lives and a sustainable environment.

FoPD is an internationally coordinated activity designed to sow constantly germinating seeds in the collective mind of the World Public to appreciate and understand that plant science is of critical significance to the social, environmental and economic landscape now and into the future.

Get Involved!

Cultivate fascination in your community on (or close to) May 18th. Become one of many US-based individuals and organizations supporting FoPD by offering free events to create a fascination with plants.  |   Learn more

9 thoughts on “Fascination of Plants Day”

  1. It is a good initiative to promote plant biology in order to incite young students to become plant biologists and also to show the importance of plants to the humanity,

  2. Every child is fascinated by plants. Exploring plants is among our first interaction with nature as kids. We owe our existence to plants! Let’s celebrate plants, and nurture the curiosity, appreciation and understanding of plants within our community!

  3. Thank you very much for such important information. You also provided information for people who aren’t from US and also who are and ASPB member could share 50 words and a link with katie@aspb.org. But is there any scope, information or place for us people who are neither staying in us (not a citizen of USA) nor a member of ASPB? Still we claim as a PLANT SCIENTIST and think can contribute some thing in this line.
    However, another field of plant scientist is the world civilization has been building based on plant (agriculture) science. Kindly look on the beginning and rise of world civilization started with the starting of plant husbandry. The great civilizations of the Euphrates, Tigris, Harappa, Mohenjo Daro, Maya, all were rise on the based on natural irrigated agriculture. Today’s developing countries were once over developed and they were the “GREENERY” of the world. People not only cultivated those areas but they were mining and not protected the land. If we don’t recognize these facts the history will repeat.
    Thank you again. I remain for your comment. Prof. Dr. M. Tazul Islam

  4. You can contribute at whatever capacity you may have. It could be tweeting cool plant facts. Select ‘Resource Guide’ from the drop down FoPD menu above or see our USA Messaging Guide (link below) for options.

    If you’d like to tidy up your FASCINATING plant history mini- lesson and perhaps plan on sharing that via your Facebook or other professional community outlets, I’d be happy to also enter this virtual event to our blog roster of activities.

    Finally, you can contact the National Coordinator of your home country or one of the countries currently in the areas you site and see what they are doing for FoPD; maybe you can join them. To do this, check out the Countries list at http://www.plantday.org

    http://blog.aspb.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/USA-FoPD-Messaging-Guide.docx fo


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