President’s Letter—The Power of Communication

The undeniable reality is that meaningful science cannot be siloed, and scientists cannot operate in a socioeconomic and political void. In principle, the success of science in society requires two pillars: scientific achievement and clear communication of outcomes to the public. The paramount importance of clear communication has been long recognized; for example, the Greek … Read more

President’s Letter—The Uniting Power of Green

Climate change knows no borders. This obvious truth, and the well-recognized impacts of global warming on agriculture and food security, as well as the broad scope of individual and organizational efforts to ameliorate this urgent threat, were on display at the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on October 31–November … Read more

Apologies to Thelma Madzima and the entire community from Katie Dehesh, ASPB President

As the President of ASPB, I’m writing to offer my sincere apologies to Thelma Madzima and the entire community. The recent events in regard to IPMB have demonstrated our shortcomings and urgent need to address the issue of diversity and inclusion, and our obligation to address the social and moral challenges we are facing. The … Read more