Apologies to Thelma Madzima and the entire community from Katie Dehesh, ASPB President

As the President of ASPB, I’m writing to offer my sincere apologies to Thelma Madzima and the entire community.

The recent events in regard to IPMB have demonstrated our shortcomings and urgent need to address the issue of diversity and inclusion, and our obligation to address the social and moral challenges we are facing. The people with the authority in our organization take responsibility and commit to doing what needs to be done now as well as making fundamental changes in our institutional culture.

Thelma, I am with you. I am doing my utmost to address the situation and respond to the concerns you have so powerfully expressed.

These concerns are not only personal but also demonstrate the critical need for cultural change.  Your voice is the voice of change and I thank you for that.

We are taking steps to address these issues, learn lessons, and work towards an appropriate response.

I and others at ASPB will keep you informed as we plan our next steps and we will ask for your input at that time.

Please accept my sincere apologies,

Respectfully, Katie