ASPB in China

Representatives of ASPB will be attending two major conferences in China this October. The first is the National Congress of Plant Biology (NCPB;, to be held October 18 – 22 in Tai’an, China, and the second is the World Life Science Conference (WLSC;, to be held October 27 – 29 in Beijing, China. Crispin Taylor, ASPB’s Chief-Executive Officer, will attend both conferences, jointly exhibiting with the Chinese Society for Plant Biology (CSPB; ASPB President Harry Klee and President-Elect Rob Last will attend and speak at the WLSC, and Mary Williams, Features Editor of The Plant Cell and Plant Physiology, will attend the NCPB. In addition, Drs. Taylor and Williams will be visiting several universities in China during their visit to strengthen ties between Chinese plant scientists and ASPB, and the ASPB family of journals.

We look forward to meeting many ASPB members and Plant Cell / Plant Physiology / Plant Direct authors during our visits!

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