What VRPlants was up to this Summer

It’s been a busy and productive summer for our VRPlants team.

Plant Biology 2019

Our team had the pleasure of exhibiting within the ASPB Education booth and presenting two talks at the ASPB Plant Biology 2019 conference in San Jose, California.

Colin Keenan gave two talks. The first,“Can These Glasses Help to Cure Plant Blindness?,” was given as part of the education session. And the second, “The Naturalists Workshop,” was given at the Innovation Stage.

We exhibited our Naturalists Workshop project, a Virtual Reality experience where you can interact with pressed plant specimens from the North Carolina Natural Science Museum. We successfully put approximately 200+ people through the experience throughout the 4 days of the conference. We were very excited by the reactions and feedback of our participants.

We are still working on development of Naturalists Workshop. But, in the meantime, check out our trailer of what the Naturalists experience looks like currently:

Envisioning Research

Our very own Colin Keenan also won first First Place in the Faculty & Staff Research Video contest at North Carolina State University for “Holograms & Physical Computing Interfaces Allow for Intuitive and Engrossing Interactions with Valuable Learning Materials.

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