What VRPlants was up to this Summer

It’s been a busy and productive summer for our VRPlants team. Plant Biology 2019 Our team had the pleasure of exhibiting within the ASPB Education booth and presenting two talks at the ASPB Plant Biology 2019 conference in San Jose, California. Colin Keenan gave two talks. The first,“Can These Glasses Help to Cure Plant Blindness?,” was given as part of the education session. And … Read more

VR Plants is excited to see you at the ASPB Southern Section

Our VR Plants team hosted a Virtual Reality Interest Group meeting at North Carolina State University for the larger Research Triangle community. Over 50 local VR community members saw demonstrations from NC State students, including an early preview of the first VRPlants experience. Colin Keenan gave a presentation on the work VRPlants is doing, AKA we told a room of 50 tech geeks and VR enthusiasts about … Read more

Basics of Virtual Reality for Science Education

Greetings from Raleigh, North Carolina where the VRPlants team at North Carolina State University is returning from the holiday by de-briefing and reflecting on a major event from last month, the “Basics of Virtual Reality for Science Education” workshop on December 15th. We had 47 attendants, ranging from primary educators to museum curators, librarians, and university … Read more