Plants in the News, August 21 2015

Welcome to Episode 2 of our weekly feature, Plants in the News. These stories are selected to provide educators with interesting and accessible news from the world of plant science. Although some of the stories we feature are based on articles with restricted access, we also provide links to news summaries that are available without restrictions. If you have a timely suggestion for this Friday feature, let us know during the week and maybe your story will be included!


Resources and Links:

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Sugden, A., Fahrenkamp-Uppenbrink, J., Malakoff, D. and Vignieri, S. (2015). Forest health in a changing world. Science. 349: 800-801. Accompanying video

Regalado, A. (August 11, 2015).The Next Great GMO Debate. MIT Technology Review.

Henkhaus, N. (August 13, 2015). NSF grant launches Plant Science Research Network. Cornell Chronicle Follow them on Twitter at @PlantSciResNet.

Gebelhoff, R. (June 30, 2015). The world’s most beautiful greenhouses are growing underwater, and growing strawberries. Washington Post. See also



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