Outreach is a Hybrid

What Transpires When Scientists Reach Out?

Broader Impacts and Community Service – compatible outreach options

Outreach matters. Good outreach advances science. Some folks conduct outreach through broader impact goals. Others get involved at the community level. What’s the difference? Where do you fit in?


Broader Impacts Action Items:
1. Learn more about Broader Impacts from a recent summit here.
2. Share examples of successful plant biology broader impacts statements and reports. Send them to Katie@aspb.org to help populate an archive of quality sample statements and outcomes.

Community Service Action Items:
1. Nominate a US-based high school teacher or public librarian with whom you collaborate for free online access to ASPB’s journals.
2. Serve as a Science Fair judge or Career Day speaker.  Search here for a Career Day PPT & other resources to share.
3. Invite a local high school student into your lab for a month/semester/summer of hands-on experience and mentoring.


  Excellent input from Sarah Wyatt (Ohio University) aided in the creation of this post.




2 thoughts on “Outreach is a Hybrid”

  1. Wiih the digital futures initiative, my hope would be that every plant biologist that’s a member of ASPB could put a line in their broader impacts statements that the ASPB is one of their broader impacts, a digital platform to coordinate, amplify, and promote plant science.


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