President’s Letter—Feeding the World: Reasons for Optimism

Having recently spent time in our nation’s capital asking for support for increased plant science research funding, I’ve been thinking about how we feed the world. Everywhere I turn, I see dire predictions about our ability to keep up with population growth. But the more I think about the issues we face, the more optimistic … Read more

President’s Letter: Your ASPB – The Things You Most Value

The results are in from our membership survey. First, I want to acknowledge the work of Shea Keene, a University of Florida graduate student, and her mentor Dr. Thomas Colquhoun, who collected and analyzed all of the data. I also sincerely thank those of you who participated and am taking this opportunity to explain the … Read more

President’s Letter: A Challenging Time to Assume the Presidency

It seems like only yesterday that the members of ASPB entrusted me with the presidency. My year as president-elect has flown by. When I was elected, I wondered, what exactly does a president-elect actually do, and is it necessary? A year later, I am pleased to say that the system devised by my predecessors is … Read more