ASPB Partner, Wiki Edu, offers new handbook for writing species articles

ASPB maintains an active partnership with Wiki Edu in order to expand the quality, depth and breadth or plant science information on Wikipedia. An equally critical goal is to mentor undergraduates to use real-life publication opportunities for their science writing skills. Here is another exciting tool for supporting these goals:

The Wikipedia Year of Science 2016 is on the horizon, and the Wiki Education Foundation is pleased to announce two new science-focused subject guides. These guides explain explain everything students need to contribute in two subjects areas:
– Species articles, such as plants and animals, including creating information boxes (taxoboxes).
– Chemistry topics, such as compounds and compound classes, including information boxes (chemboxes).

The species guide is a great resource for current and future courses recruited through our American Society of Plant Biology partnership.

These guides were drafted with help from various WikiProjects, experienced editors, and instructors, as well as our Wikipedia Content Expert in the Sciences, Ian Ramjohn. The species brochure was a wonderful collaborative effort with various WikiProjects and experienced Wikipedians SchreiberBike, Shyamal, Plantdrew, MontanaBW, ClemRutter, and Parkywiki. Special thanks to Dr. Ye Li at the University of Michigan and WikiProject Chemistry members for their feedback on the chemistry brochure.

The two guides join our existing suite of materials for specific subjects. You can see the full list of resources here.
Download the handbooks through Wikimedia Commons. Print copies are available (free)  to courses participating in our Classroom Program. To request print copies, or to discuss adding a Wikipedia assignment to your course, email


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