Apply for an ASPB Women’s Young Investigator Travel Award for Plant Biology 2022!

ASPB is now accepting applications for the Women’s Young Investigator Travel Awards to attend Plant Biology 2022, which is scheduled to be held this year in Portland, Oregon from July 9-13, 2022, and online! The goal of the program is to increase attendance of early-career female investigators at the annual meeting; women plant scientists who are within the first five years of their appointment to faculty-level positions at research- or teaching-intensive institutions, government research positions, or corporate research scientist positions are invited to apply, as are experienced postdocs. The Society plans to allot $7,000 to be awarded in increments of $1,000 for this program. (ASPB reserves the right to adjust the parameters for awardees who do not travel to Portland and instead participate in Plant Biology 2022 virtually.)

Applications, which are due December 17, 2021, should include a research abstract, a two-page curriculum vitae, and a personal statement that describes both professional obligations and alternative sources of travel funds. Additional information and the application form, which must be submitted online, are available via the ASPB website.

The Women in Plant Biology Committee will review applications on the basis of the quality of science and need.

Please consider forwarding this message to eligible colleagues, and please contact us if you have any questions about the awards.


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