Call for workshop proposals for Plant Biology 2022

Planning for the Plant Biology 2022 conference is well underway. This year the conference will be a joint meeting with the Canadian Society of Plant Biologists and this year’s program committee is pleased to invite members of the plant science community to submit proposals for workshops to be held during the conference. Please complete and submit this form before November 22, 2021, to guarantee a review for potential inclusion in the Plant Biology 2022 program. Please note that workshop content will be made available only to registered Plant Biology 2022 attendees. Organizers of workshops that are selected for the conference will be notified after December 9, 2021.

Proposals are solicited for workshops in three primary focus areas:

  • Technical development and innovation
  • Professional development
  • Equity, diversity, and inclusion

The Program Committee will review the proposals for currency (new and up-to-date information), their relevance and value to the community, and for a global perspective. The committee also encourages submissions from early career researchers who can conduct or help develop the workshop. Although external sponsorship is not required, it is certainly welcomed, so if you are aware of a potential sponsorship opportunity for your workshop, please provide the potential sponsor’s contact information to Jean Rosenberg – – for follow-up.

There is no doubt that community-driven workshops have become a key component of the annual Plant Biology conferences, so all contributions are welcomed and appreciated!


Thanks in advance!


2022 Program Committee

Plant Biology 2022 – #PlantBio22

A joint meeting of the American Society of Plant Biologists and the Canadian Society of Plant Biologists/Société Canadienne de Biologie Végétale

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