TweetUp: What’s up with that?

One of my favorite early activities during Plant Biology meetings is the yearly TweetUp! During the opening reception, there is a set time and place for those of us on social media to get together and network in real life. I love putting faces and voices to the profile pictures and text of their Twitter handles! It also becomes a place where I meet new plant biologists. These become connections and your networks grow, which can lead to collaborations, jobs, support, lots of possibilities.

At #PlantBio18 the #TweetUp will take place Saturday night at 6:30 pm at the Plantae Pavilion. This is during the opening reception so grab a snack, a drink, then come over to the Pavilion and network!

The most important thing to remember is just be yourself. This is a casual networking event. Try to talk to everyone that is there. This is a fabulous place to test out your scientific elevator pitch! Everyone at the TweetUp will want to hear about your work. Have your cell phone and instantly follow new people. Tell them about your poster or your talk. Hopefully, you will leave having met some known virtual contacts in person, and take some new in-person contacts virtual!

Does anyone else have advice for attendance at a TweetUp? Share below!


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