SURF 2015: the next wave of undergraduate research

The 2015 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program results are in!

Congratulations¬† to all the students listed below. Also, kudos and thanks to each student’s dedicated SURF mentor.


Doctoral-Granting Institutions

Kevin Bird CROPPEDKevin Bird, University of Missouri


SURF 2015 Allison Butt Headshot

Allison Butt, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


SURF 2015 Hailey Cambra

Hailey Cambra, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


SURF 2015 Maxwell Choka

Maxwell Choka, Queen’s University


SURF 2015 Clayton Dilks

Clayton Dilks, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Ronald Fox CROPPED

Ronald Fox, Ohio State University


SURF 2015 Josephine Lee

Josephine Lee, Washington University in St. Louis


SURF 2015 Abigail Miller


Abigail Miller, Michigan State University


SURF 2015 Elizabeth_Sarkel_photo

Elizabeth Sarkel, Wake Forest University


Dennis Zhu CROPPED

Dennis Zhu, University of Missouri-Columbia

Primarily Undergraduate Institutions

LeMar Callaway CROPPED

LeMar Callaway III, Virginia Wesleyan College


SURF 2015 Sienna Lopez

Sienna Lopez, Spring Arbor University


SURF 2015 Karina Morales

Karina Morales, Azusa Pacific University


SURF 2015 Marai Sorkin_Head_Shot

Maria Sorkin, Kenyon College


SURF 2015 Melissa Traver

Melissa Traver, Centenary College of Louisiana



SURF HONORABLE MENTION: Jennifer Olins, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

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