Please Share Your Thoughts with Us

Thank you for taking the time to read ASPB President Maureen McCann’s letter regarding the ASPB Board of Director’s recent decision to reaffirm a commitment to holding Plant Biology 2023 in Savannah, GA. Now that you’ve done so, we’d welcome your thoughts on the approaches that ASPB should take toward identifying future conference venues and how we could use our presence in those communities to broaden public interest in and engagement with plant science research.

There are many ways to share your input. You can comment below this post; you can Tweet at us @ASPB; or you can complete this anonymous Google form  (

And if you’d like to be considered as a member of either of the task forces that Maureen mentions in her letter, please indicate on the Google form or email me at

Thank you for your time and attention; we look forward to hearing from you.



1 thought on “Please Share Your Thoughts with Us”

  1. Thank you for the thoughtful and transparent explanation of the decision-that’s what leadership is about. The ability to interact with and maybe make a difference in the local community is more of an attraction to the meeting than any workshop or session you could offer.


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