This spotlight highlights Dr. Pallavi Singh, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Cambridge. Her talk will be in concurrent symposium 19 and is titled: Unravelling the dynamic landscape of transcription regulation in C4 photosynthesis


1) What are you most excited about during PlantBio18?

PS: I am excited that this year Plant Biology 2018 is organized in conjunction with photosynthesis conference, organized by the International Society of Photosynthesis Research (ISPR). Attending the conference and meeting peers will enable me to share ideas and perspectives and acquire new skills relating to photosynthesis.

2) Why should colleagues attend your concurrent session?

PS: I would like to present my work on Unravelling the dynamic landscape of transcription regulation in C4 photosynthesis. The study employs RNA-seq to provide an unbiased overview of changes in
photosynthesis gene expression subsequent to the dark-to-light transition. Results from the state of the art technique, DNaseI-seq will then be used to define transcription factor binding sites in vivo over the same time-course. The data will be discussed in regards to underpin the dynamic induction of C4 photosynthesis gene expression and would provide an interesting evolutionary perspective to the audience.

3) Can you provide a teaser (no data, big picture) for your talk, a brief description that explains why colleagues should attend your talk?

PI: More than 50 years after discovery of the C4 photosynthetic pathway our understanding of the mechanisms regulating C4 photosynthesis gene expression is based on analysis of individual C4 genes. Moreover, no transcription factors regulating genes of the C4 cycle have been identified. I will be talking about the study where, we have analyzed dynamics associated with the transcriptional regulatory landscape during photomorphogenesis of Gynandropsis gynandra, the closest known C4 species to the C3 model Arabidopsis thaliana.

Do not miss Dr. Singh’s talk CS-19-1 on Monday at 3:18pm. Before the meeting you can connect with Dr. Singh on Twitter: @Thepallavisingh, Facebook:, LinkedIn: Pallavi Singh, and/or Instagram: ThePallavi