Plant Biology 2018 Networking Opportunities

Come to Plant Biology to hear the latest talks on plant biology… and to visit with friends or accelerate your job search.

Each year, attendees flock to Plant Biology to hear the latest talks on plant biology at the symposia… and to network, whether that means coffee with old friends, or making key connections for a job search or collaboration. The organizers know how important networking is to the community and have packed Plant Biology 2018 with opportunities to do just that. Here are some examples– feel free to add more in the comments, or tweet them to us with the hashtag #plantbio18.

Check the Plant Biology 2018 website for updates on times and locations– and register now so you don’t miss any of these great opportunities!

Hiring or looking for a job? Meet your match at the Plant Biology 2018 Career Fair!

  • Job seekers can sign up for the career fair here.
  • Plant Biology 2018 includes 25-minute, one-on-one career mentoring sessions with plant science professionals from various organizations, including non-profit research institutions, government agencies, and corporations. Sign up here!
  • Employers can post on the Plantae jobs board, which includes a special section for employers, and sign up to conduct interviews at the Plantae Career Fair at Plant Biology 2018.

Learn more about opportunities in the “Career Fair at Plant Biology 2018” post on Plantae.

Party at the poster sessions: Poster numbers come out about three weeks before the meeting– don’t forget to tweet your poster number and include it on the Plantae Roll Call!

To get more visitors to your poster, consider making a teaser video–a 60-second preview of your poster that will be posted on the Plantae YouTube channel. Learn more here.

Attend a workshop: Workshops provide a great opportunity to learn and meet like-minded plant biologists. For example, check out the Primarily Undergraduate Institution Faculty Development Workshop for presentations on maintaining a high-caliber research program, mentoring undergraduates, and balancing research and teaching (and other) responsibilities.

Catch up with old friends over coffee or lunch: The Palais des Congrès is centrally located between the commercial downtown and Old Montréal, which means lots of walkable places to grab a drink or a bite to eat. If you want to venture further afield, check out our Plantae post on Montreal food, culture, etc. For coffee and pastries from croissants to doughnuts, there is a Van Houtte Café, a Presse Café, and a Tim Horton’s in the convention center’s Galeries du Palais. Scope out nearby restaurants here–the hardest part might just be choosing from the many possible cuisines!

Not hungry? Take a stroll in scenic Old Montreal in between sessions! You can see lots of great destinations on this tourist map.

Meet your colleagues online: Community Catalyst Jen Robison (@Oshngirl) and Rishi Masalia (@RishiMasalia) have some great meetups and activities planned–stay tuned on Plantae for more information as the meeting gets closer. Also check out Jen’s post on Why attending a meeting is smart for all career stages, and Rishi’s Between the Palms interviews from Plant Biology 2017.


  • Expect a Tweet-up from Jen Robison (@OshnGirl) and follow other meeting attendees.
  • Join the roll call and follow the Plant Biology 2018 Network on Plantae.
  • Follow live tweets with the hashtag #Plantbio18.

Plant Biology 2018 will be held July 14–18, 2018 in Montréal. For Plant Biology 2018 updates, join the Plantae Network for ASPB conferences, follow #plantbio18 on Twitter, and keep an eye on the program at

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