PB2015: Education & Outreach Options

Need resources for K-16 learning or public engagement? Visit the PB15 Exhibit Hall Education & Outreach Booth. Meet with experts and discuss:

o HHMI BioInteractive video: Popped Secret: The Mysterious Origin of Corn

o Wiki Education Foundation
– a new ASPB partnership to enhance plant science content on Wikipedia
– opportunities to pilot a new course with Wiki Edu!

o Plant Biology Learning Objectives, Outreach Materials & Education Grants
– Biotechnology for High School Students in Ghana
– Plant Educational Experience in Research, a Northern New Mexico College boot camp
My Life as a Plant activity book – a world of translations

o FPsc – Plant-Based Resources that Enable an Integrated Approach to Education in Genetics, Evolution, and Genomic Sciences

o Teaching Tools in Plant Biology – aligned with The Plant Cell
+ Free Journal Access Program

o Discipline-based education research journals
CBE Life Science Education

o Partnership for Undergraduate Life Science Education
Vision and Change Campus Certification Program

o Access to science education standards & goals, the ASPB mission and affiliated initiatives and much more…

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