Hardship Applications for Membership Dues Waiver/Discount

To create a transparent, consistent, and equitable process to provide assistance with membership dues to current and potential ASPB members, ASPB has implemented a formal process by which those in the plant science community can request a discounted or free membership.

The goal of the Board-approved hardship dues reduction program is to provide a mechanism for plant biologists to become or remain ASPB members in the face of financial hardship. Please note that ASPB already offers membership dues discounts for members in countries that the World Bank defines as low and lower middle income economies. Also please note that the budget for hardship dues reduction program is limited, and applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis in relation to need, as well as the availability of program funds. Long-term commitment to ASPB and its goals , as illustrated by previous paid membership, will be favorably considered. And in the interest of providing access to ASPB resources to the widest possible range of applicants, support will be less likely if the applicant has received a dues reduction through this program in the past 5 years. Available sources of membership dues support and hardship circumstances will be assessed during the application process. Your answers to the questions indicated below with asterisks will be considered to determine whether a membership dues discount/waiver might be granted. Those questions without an asterisk are for informational purposes only and will not affect the decision.


  1. Name
  2. Organization
  3. *Country
  4. Email
  5. Current Career Level
  6. *Have you previously been an ASPB member? If so, when did you first join ASPB and for how long did you remain a member?
  7. *Have you received a discounted ASPB membership previously? If so, please indicate the year(s).
  8. *Indicate sources of membership dues support currently available to you and the amount that is available.
  9. *Please describe the circumstances that hinder your ability to pay in full for your ASPB membership.
  10. What do you think you will value most about ASPB membership? Select all that apply.

Leadership opportunities
Opportunities to get involved in advocacy
Access to awards, grants, and programs
Publishing discounts in ASPB journals
Discounts on Plant Biology meeting registration
Networking opportunities
Skill-building and career development resources
Not sure
Other (please specify)

  1. Are you interested in volunteering in any of the following ways? Please select all the apply. If accepted as a member, you may be contacted in relation to your willingness to participate as indicated.

Write an ASPB News Article
Participate in hosting a workshop either online or in-person
Serve on a committee
Participate in a section meeting/event
Be active in Plantae or its virtual mentoring program
Engage in public outreach
Engage in advocacy opportunities
Serve as a mentor
Other, please briefly describe



If you have any questions about the program, please contact info@aspb.org

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