Curious about ASPB’s Partnership with OUP?

The American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) is delighted to announce that it will partner with Oxford University Press (OUP) to produce and disseminate the ASPB journals Plant Physiology® and The Plant Cell beginning January 2021. But what does this partnership mean for you – as a member, an author, or a reader? And what does it mean for the journals and the Society?


Some of your questions may already be answered in our FAQ; but we recently held a webinar to elaborate on the partnership and answer questions from the community, with presentations and contributions from Society officers, editors-in-chief, and staff from both partners.

Comments are open if you have additional questions that were not addressed in the webinar.


  • Judy Callis, President, ASPB
  • Neil Olszewski, Chair, Publications Committee, ASPB
  • Kent Chapman, Treasurer, ASPB
  • George Woodward, Executive Publisher, OUP

Additional Panelists

  • Mike Blatt, Editor-in-Chief, Plant Physiology
  • Blake Meyers, Editor-in-Chief, The Plant Cell
  • Ivan Baxter, Editor-in-Chief, Plant Direct
  • Nancy Winchester, Director of Publications, ASPB
  • Clara Woodall, Chief Financial Officer, ASPB
  • Crispin Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, ASPB

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