Broader Impacts: sharing science for a better world

summit_2016_bannerThe National Alliance for Broader Impacts (NABI) offers a community of practice to develop sustainable and scalable institutional capacity and engagement in K-16+ broader impacts activity. NABI  supports communicating science and broadening participation in research to improve the world. NABI and NSF interface closely, including at this Summit.

Click here for the 2016 Summit Twitter feed.

Click here for the new NABI Guiding Principles.
PIs, the guidelines are succinct and  practical!

Keynotes and breakout sessions of the 2016 NABI Summit (April 20-22)  address aspects of 4 key priorities:

  • Identify and curate promising models, practices, and evaluation methods for the BI community
  • Expand engagement in and support the development of high-quality BI activities by educating current and future faculty and researchers on effective BI practices
  • Develop the human resources necessary for sustained growth and increased diversity of the BI community
  • Promote cross-institutional collaboration on and dissemination of BI programs, practices, models, materials, and resources


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