2015 Dennis R. Hoagland Award Winner: Dr. Maria Harrison

Dr. Maria Harrison, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Science, Ithaca, New York

Dr. Maria Harrison, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Science, has pioneered studies of phosphate acquisition in arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) symbioses using the model legume Medicago truncatula. In particular, her findings that phosphate transport is linked to maintenance of symbiosis and that plants use classic hormone signaling pathways for regulation of the AM symbiosis have ushered the field of fungal–plant interactions in new directions, and they provide opportunities for the future manipulation of phosphate acquisition in crop species. Maria has identified key gene products required for phosphate transport and uptake, and she has shown that redirected plant protein secretion mechanisms target transporters to symbiotic membranes. Maria has also has developed cell biology resources for in vivo cellular imaging in Medicago that expand research capabilities to further unravel the nutritional function of the AM symbiosis. The Hoagland award is given in recognition of her outstanding contributions to plant mineral nutrition. Honors will be presented at the Plant Biology 2015 meeting in Minneapolis. You can read the full list of 2015 ASPB awardees on the ASPB website.

About the Dennis R. Hoagland Award

This monetary award, established by the Society in 1985 with funds provided by the Monsanto Agricultural Products Company, honors Dr. Dennis R. Hoagland, recipient of the first Hales award, for his outstanding contributions and leadership in plant mineral nutrition. The award, to be made not more frequently than triennially, is for outstanding plant research in support of agriculture.



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