Presenting Posters in a Pandemic – virtual experiences at Plant Biology 2020

Written by Caroline Dowling and Modesta Abugu. Caroline Dowling (@CarolineD0wling) is a Plantae Fellow and a PhD candidate at University College Dublin in Ireland, researching hemp flowering, development, and genomics. Modesta Abugu (@modestannedi) is an ASPB Conviron Scholar and a master’s student at the University of Florida researching flavor improvement in modern tomatoes.  As graduate students, poster presentations are … Read more

Dissecting epigenetic inheritance mechanisms and reprogramming in plants

Plenary session II: Epigenetic inheritance and reprogramming in plants at ASPB Worldwide Summit 2020 Following an exciting first day at the plant biology worldwide summit, over 800 attendees participated at the plenary session II which answered questions on the mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance and reprogramming in plants.  Rob Martienssen while introducing the session, noted that although there has … Read more

A call for improved science advocacy

Plenary Symposium III: Navigating science policy through effective advocacy for science The plenary session on Navigating Science Policy through effective science advocacy for Science was held on Monday, June 20, 2020, from 10am – 12.30pm. Wayne Parrot welcomed participants to the event and  Nathan Springer introduced the session and the speakers. Attended by over 100 participants this session captured the need for scientists … Read more

Why I look forward to the plenary session on navigating science policy at the plant biology worldwide summit

The science policies made in the United States and other developed countries affect people in developing countries. I remember an encounter my colleagues and I had during my days as a program assistant of OFAB Nigeria, an organization that promotes access to scientific innovation for small-holder farmers in Nigeria. We held a workshop with farmers and policymakers … Read more