Harnessing the Potential of Genome Editing for Tomorrow’s Agriculture

The fourth day of the Plant Biology Worldwide submit was introduced by Asia Hightower, a PhD student at Michigan State University who is also the Early Career Representative on the ASPB Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) committee. Asia relayed how becoming involved in ASPB provided many opportunities to build her network and gave her access to … Read more

Snapshots from Plant Biology 2020: Plant Reproduction

It’s been more than a month since the successful completion of the Plant Biology 2020 (PB20) Worldwide Summit hosted by the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB). But those who got to attend it certainly will not have come out of its daze yet. The conference, held for a good five days, came to the … Read more

Watch and Learn: Applying Machine Learning to Plant Biology Problems

Workshop recap from How Machine Learning Can Be Used to Solve Plant Biology Problems at Plant Biology 2020 Worldwide Summit We live in a time of substantial technological innovation. Developments such as next-generation sequencing and high-throughput phenotyping mean that the rate at which data is generated is immense. In modern interdisciplinary biology, we frequently hear … Read more

Presenting Posters in a Pandemic – virtual experiences at Plant Biology 2020

Written by Caroline Dowling and Modesta Abugu. Caroline Dowling (@CarolineD0wling) is a Plantae Fellow and a PhD candidate at University College Dublin in Ireland, researching hemp flowering, development, and genomics. Modesta Abugu (@modestannedi) is an ASPB Conviron Scholar and a master’s student at the University of Florida researching flavor improvement in modern tomatoes.  As graduate students, poster presentations are … Read more

Listen and learn – Workshop recaps from Allies 101: LGBTQ+ and Inclusive pedagogy at Plant Biology Worldwide Summit

It was the last day of the Plant Biology Worldwide Summit, and the rainy Friday morning made me nostalgic. I started to reflect on my various interactions with ASPB. The first Plantae webinar I attended was called “How to be an effective mentor,” and I liked it so much that I wrote a blog post … Read more

Dissecting epigenetic inheritance mechanisms and reprogramming in plants

Plenary session II: Epigenetic inheritance and reprogramming in plants at ASPB Worldwide Summit 2020 Following an exciting first day at the plant biology worldwide summit, over 800 attendees participated at the plenary session II which answered questions on the mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance and reprogramming in plants.  Rob Martienssen while introducing the session, noted that although there has … Read more

Single-cell assays shed light on decisive factors of development

Plenary Symposium I: Defining the Phenotype: Robustness, Resilience, and Stochastic Processes in Cellular Behavior at ASPB Worldwide Summit After months of anticipation, the Plant Biology Worldwide Summit is finally kicking off. The current ASPB president Judy Callis welcomed participants from over 40 countries around the globe and asked the questions: why do genetically identical individuals have different … Read more

Announcing ASPB’s Online Plant Biology 2020 Worldwide Summit

Get ready for the fully virtual Plant Biology 2020 Worldwide Summit! In response to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing actions taken globally to limit the spread of the virus, the ASPB Board of Directors has decided to convert Plant Biology 2020 — which was originally scheduled to be held July 25 to July 29 in … Read more

Plant Biology 2020 Worldwide Summit

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing actions taken globally to limit the spread of the virus, the ASPB Board of Directors has decided to convert Plant Biology 2020 to a fully online conference that includes both synchronous (real-time livestream) and asynchronous (on demand) access for attendees. The Plant Biology 2020 Worldwide Summit will … Read more

Submit Your Plant Biology 2020 Abstract by February 20th to be Considered for a Talk

Registration is open for Plant Biology 2020! And if you would like your work to be considered for a concurrent symposium presentation, you must submit your abstract by February 20. Plant biologists at all career stages are encouraged to submit. This year, ASPB’s annual meeting will be July 25–July 29 in Washington, DC, marking a return to where it all began. … Read more