Journal Flexibility in the Troubling Times of COVID-19

Dear authors, reviewers, and editors, Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, we, the Editors-in-Chief and publishers of multiple plant-focused journals, have had questions from members of our community about our flexibility in these troubled times. Like many of you, we and our colleagues on our editorial boards are also facing serious issues in life and work … Read more

Press Release – Gene Responsible for Lutein Esterification in Bread Wheat Identified

The activity of this gene controls the timing of esterification in grain, which is related to storage and nutritional qualities of bread wheat and other grains. This work provides insight into the timing and control of esterification, related to storage and nutritional qualities of bread wheat and other grains. ASPB is pleased to announce the … Read more

ASPB and Open Peer Review

It’s Peer Review Week (#PeerRevWk19) ! What better time than now to blog about how two of ASPB’s journals (The Plant Cell and Plant Direct) have approached open peer review? In 2018, Nature published a Comment titled “Publish Peer Reviews” (  This Comment references an open letter ( signed by two of ASPB’s own: the Editor-in-Chief of The Plant Cell, … Read more

Genetic Variant Linked to Cucumber Fruit Length

ASPB is pleased to announce the publication in The Plant Cell of important research describing the discovery of a key regulator of fruit length variation in cucumber. The discovery of a fruit length modulator has implications for cucumber breeding. Fruit size is a major determinant of yield and market value. The cucumber is among the … Read more