Botany 2021 and Plant Biology 2021 are Pleased to Announce a Joint Session Open to all Attendees of Both Conferences

Botany 2021 and Plant Biology 2021 are pleased to announce a joint session open to all attendees of both conferences. Five international experts will speak on diverse symbioses, including endophytes, endofungal symbionts, mycorrhizae, and lichens, with opportunities to engage throughout the symposium. Join us for three hours of exploration of interkingdom interactions. Organized by Gary Stacey, Elizabeth Kellogg, … Read more

Plant Biology 2018 in Montreal: Code of Conduct Roll-out

With only three weeks until Plant Biology 2018 in Montreal, we would like to remind everyone to be kind and respectful toward each other during the conference, and always. ASPB is committed to ensuring that our meetings are welcoming and inclusive for everyone, so that we can be comfortable sharing ideas with each other, forming … Read more