ASPB Wins The 2018 Gold EXCEL award for the Plantae podcast, The Taproot, from Association Media and Publishing

Taproot hosts – Ivan Baxter and Elizabeth Haswell

ASPB is pleased to announce that The Taproot, a Plantae podcast, has received a Gold EXCEL award for excellence in DIGITAL MEDIA: Podcast (Other category) from the Association Media and Publishing. The EXCEL Awards recognize excellence and leadership in nonprofit association media, publishing, marketing, and communications. Winners received their awards during the Annual EXCEL Awards Gala, a dinner and celebration that kicks off the Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting.

The Taproot is a Plantae podcast that is hosted by noted plant scientists Ivan Baxter and Elizabeth Haswell and produced by ASPB. In each episode, Ivan and Liz discuss a scientific research article with their guest, an author on the paper. They then discuss the ‘story behind the science’, highlighting the broader problems faced by and addressed by the scientists as they conducted the research. The objective is to normalize the experiences of early-career scientists, to expose them to the real world of science, and to provide some examples of how to navigate this sometimes challenging career path.


About Plantae

Addressing global food security requires that scientists are able to work effectively with colleagues from diverse disciplinary, workplace, and cultural backgrounds and that they are equipped to engage the broader community around their findings. At the same me, plant science is becoming an increasingly interdisciplinary, big-data-driven activity. Given these drivers and their potential impact on vital societal challenges, ASPB launched the Plantae online community on the Breezio platform in 2017 as part of an innovative online strategy to beer support the global plant science community. The Plantae community is open to anyone who is working in or interested in the plant sciences, regardless of whether or not they are an ASPB member, and with no restrictions related to discipline, background, career phase, or geographic location. The Plantae iniave is intended to unite the plant science community by fostering collaboration, providing access to a rapidly growing global network of over 8,000 plant science professionals, and offering tools for groups and individuals to use in ways that help them best achieve their goals. Plantae is also forging connections with other related organizations, policymakers, and citizen scientists.

Plantae’s overall approach is focused on serving the needs of the individual, with several key objectives:
● Make community members feel valued
● Listen to what they need
● Provide opportunities to develop skills and gain experience
● Help individuals create a sense of identity and increase their visibility within the community
● Provide the tools and technology for people and groups to facilitate their own work

About The American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB)
ASPB is a professional scientific society, headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, devoted to the advancement of the plant sciences worldwide. With a membership of some 4500 plant scientists from throughout the United States and more than 50 other nations, the Society publishes two of the most widely cited plant science journals: The Plant Cell and Plant Physiology. For more information about ASPB, please visit hp:// Also, follow ASPB on Facebook at and on Twitter @ASPB.

About Association Media & Publishing (AM&P)
AM&P ( hps:// ) is the premier membership organization serving the needs of the association, nonprofit, and alumni publishing teams, including chief publishing officers, business operation executives, communications professionals, editors, designers, and other content generators. The Annual Meeting, coupled with the prestigious 38th Annual EXCEL Awards Gala, attracts several hundred leaders from premiere organizations across the country. At the AM&P Annual Meeting, the brightest and most influential association professionals and thought leaders share insights on the latest publishing, communications, and marketing trends and best practices, while networking and establishing invaluable, career-building connections with association colleagues and exhibitors.

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