ASPB Signs Letter in Support of at Least $7.7 billion for the Department of Energy Office of Science

ASPB is pleased to be a signee in support of at least $7.7 billion for the Department of Energy Office of Science.

ESC urges Congress to appropriate at least $7.7 billion in FY 2022 for DOE Office of Science, an increase of 9.6 percent above FY 2021.

Bold new investments in fundamental research are needed to bolster the economy, stay ahead of international competition, maintain U.S. scientific and technological leadership, and create American jobs of the future in key energy sectors as well as new technology areas such as high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and quantum information science. ESC’s FY 2022 funding recommendation is needed to maintain a funding trajectory that ensures continued support for groundbreaking scientific discoveries, building and operating world-class scientific facilities, helping advance energy technologies needed for the nation to meet net-zero carbon emissions economy wide, developing Industries of the Future and emerging technologies, and maintaining the highly skilled science and technology workforce that is essential for the United States to compete globally.

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