Announcing the Inaugural Class of the ASPB Conviron Scholars Program

Congratulations to the inaugural class of the ASPB Conviron Scholars Program.  These 21 scholars were selected from a strongly competitive group of over 150 applicants.  Read more about each awardee.

Special thanks to Conviron for making this program possible through their financial support.

Mary Modupe Adewole, University of Ibadan, Osun State, Nigeria

Beverly Agtuca, University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri, United States

Nicole Choquette, University of Illinois, Illinois, United States

Victoria DeLeo, Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania, United States

Elizabeth Feldeverd, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii, United States

Sterling Field, University of Tennessee, Tennessee, United States

Xinyu Fu, Iowa State University, Iowa, United States

Andika Gunadi, Ohio State University, Ohio, United States

Juniper Kiss, Aberystwyth University, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Rachelle Lapham, Purdue University, Indiana, United States

Hannah Lucas, Danforth Plant Science Center, Missouri, United States

George Markou, University of Minnesota, Minnesota, United States

Kari Miller, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Mie Monti, University of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Dev Paudel, University of Florida, Florida, United States

Alex Rajewski, University of California – Riverside, California, United States

Veronica Sondervan, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, Minnesota, United States

Maria Sorkin, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, United States

DeQuantarius Speed, University of Chicago, Illinois, United States

Virginia Tartaglio, University of California – Berkeley, California, United States

Lucas Vanhaelewyn, Ghent University, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium

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