Advance Your Career at Plant Biology 2015

This year at Plant Biology 2015 in Minneapolis – we are organizing a variety of activities to help you navigate your career in plant science. These include:

  • Career Workshops
  • Job Opportunities
  • Resume Review
  • Career Coaching
  • Panel Discussions

Onsite Career Center



Career Workshops and Panels

  • The Industry Option: Things You Might Want to Know
  • Work-Life Balance panel discussion
  • Career Workshop with Sarah Blackford
  • USDA, DOE and NSF Grantsmanship Workshop
  • Build Your Career with The Plant Cell and Plant Physiology with speakers Mike Blatt and Sabeeha Merchant
  • Career Diversity in Plant Science dinner and panel discussion
  • Resolving Conflict in the Academic Workplace luncheon with speaker Sharon B. Press
  • Primarily Undergraduate Poster Session

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