This blog is dedicated to facilitating an ongoing conversation around the importance and relevance of plant science around the globe. We welcome your input and feedback, and any constructive contributions you wish to make. If you would like to reach out to us separately, feel free to contact us directly.

What is ASPB?
We are a professional society devoted to the advancement of the plant sciences. We publish two world-class journals and organizes conferences, and other activities that are key to the advancement of the science. Membership is open to anyone from any nation engaged with the full spectrum of plant science research from fundamental to applied.

What is a Plant Scientist?
A plant scientist specializes in the scientific study of plants. Within plant biology there are many areas of interest including cellular and molecular biology, genetics, development, evolution, physiology and biochemistry. Plant scientists are working world-wide in nearly all industries including academia, corporations, pharmacology, research, non-profits and government.

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