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  1. Could you link to the FOIA request you discuss in your blog post? Without it, it reads as if you are saying that all FOIA requests are somehow improper or only serve the interests of people trying to intimidate scientists. Obviously, that’s not the case: FOIA is a cornerstone of democracy, helping to create an informed electorate and accountable government. So what was in this request that made it so odious?

  2. For SURE all foodstuffs made by or from GMO’s must be labeled as such, and the nature of the GM explicitly stated. The public can then decide whether the food is “safe”. But the facts must not be hidden. Bottom line should carry NO weight in this matter. GM antibiotics, such as glyphosate, are at least as dangerous in promiscuous use as conventional antibiotics are. And glyphosate in particular should be prohibited from general use. The world can do without glyphosate resistant maize and other foodstuffs.

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