What’s Happening on Saturday at Plant Biology 2017

Thank you for attending Plant Biology 2017! Please check out our social media policy and hashtag #plantbio17 if you are using Twitter. To help you get the most out of this meeting, we’ve compiled a daily guide to activities, with links to the major symposia, workshops, etc. When in doubt, you can also check the schedule and the conference app, or stop by Registration and ask one of our friendly volunteers.

On Saturday morning, kick off Plant Biology 2017 with your choice of workshop:

  • Introducing RNA-seq Data Analysis with R and Integrated Genome Browser (9 AM–12 PM). Follow instructor Ann Loraine (@aloraine205) for info about modules and prizes!
  • A Discussion of the Future of Plant Science (9 AM–12 PM)
  • Talk Story and Communication in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim (9 AM–12 PM)
  • Primarily Undergraduate Institution Workshop (8:30 AM–12 PM)

After lunch, you can head over to Major Symposium I: Away from the Brink – Towards the Sustainable Use of N and P in Agriculture from 1–3:30 PM. The Awards Symposium (4–6 PM) will feature talks by Gloria Coruzzi, Jiri Friml, and Kevin Folta.

To round off your day, come up to the Rooftop Garden for the opening address and awards ceremony, followed by the opening meet & greet reception (6–7:30 PM). Grab some giveaways and pick up your Plant Biology 2017 Passport. You can get your passport stamped during the meeting– turn the completed passport in by 4 PM on Tuesday at the Plantae Pavilion to be entered in a raffle to win a cash prize! Also, join the #plantbio17 #tweetup with Jen Robi (@OshnGirl), meet by the pond in the Rooftop garden at 6:30 PM!

Throughout the conference, you can hone your #scicomm skills and share knowledge by participating in these daily activities:

  • Pitch Your Science: Present yourself and your research story to the world in a 90-second video pitch (for free). A videographer will be on hand in room 319B with a backdrop to professionally record your story. First come, first serve. No pre-registration required. Learn more. 11 AM–1 PM Saturday, 11 AM–2 PM Sunday–Tuesday.
  • Draw Your Science: Represent your science through art. Using your imagination, draw anything that represents what you do, how you do it and/or why you do it. No artistic skills needed. 8 AM–5 PM, Saturday–Tuesday Exhibit Hall 2.
  • Tool Swap: Share the research tools you use. What is your favorite research tool and how/why do you use it? What research tools would you like to learn more about? What research tools do you think more people should know about?  Post your responses on the Tool Swap board near the Membership Desk, 8 AM–5:30 PM Saturday–Tuesday, 8:30–11:30 AM Wednesday.

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