Announcing the 2021 ASPB Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF)

The ASPB Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) program funds promising undergraduate students so they can conduct research in plant biology during the early part of their college careers over the course of 10 consecutive weeks. This year’s SURF recipients will present their research at Plant Biology 2022. Congratulations to these 2021 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows and their mentors:

SURFers from Doctoral Granting Institutions

Amanda Dee, Northeastern University

Mentor: Carolyn Lee-Parsons, Associate Professor

Project: Developing and implementing an inducible synthetic biology tool for regulating alkaloid biosynthesis in Catharanthus roseus

Patricia Gallardo, Iowa State University

Mentor: Gustavo MacIntosh, Professor

Project: Role of isoflavones in the resistance of Glycine max against Aphis glycines Matsumura

Ashley Knight, Colorado State

Mentor: Robyn Roberts, Assistant Professor

Project: Screening for resistance in Colorado wheat varieties for Wheat streak mosaic virus and Stripe rust resistance

Harper Lowrey, Yale University

Mentor: Joshua Gendron, Associate Professor

Project: Functional studies of an F-box gene that links the circadian clock to plant growth

Lauren Owens, Cornell University

Mentor: Li Li, PhD – Research molecular biologist

Project: Identification and characterization of OrHis suppressors in the mutated OrHis Arabidopsis thaliana


SURFers from Primarily Undergraduate Institutions

Miriam Li, Williams College

Mentor: Cynthia Holland, Assistant Professor

Project: Biochemical Investigation of Anthranilate Phosphoribosyltransferase in Plants

Katherine Stegemann, Marian University

Mentor: Carina Collins, Assistant Professor of Biology

Project: Determining the Localization of OPS and Building a Molecular Model for OPS Function in Arabidopsis thaliana

Alyka Zahnd, Missouri Western State University

Mentor: Csengele Barta, Associate Professor of Biology

Project: Offense and defense strategies in plants’ chemical warfare for resources and survival: Can native “heroes” rescue other native plant species, sensitive to allelopathic inhibition, triggered by highly competitive invasive species?

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