Plant Molecular Genetics video lecture series

Previously we shared a list of videos spanning the plant biology part of an introductory biology course at the University of California at Berkeley. A reader shared a link to another plant biology course taught at Berkeley, the Plant Molecular Genetics (PMB160) course, taught in 2012 by Jenn Fletcher and Bob FischerHere is a playlist of all 37 recorded lectures.

The material presented here requires a good foundation in molecular biology and genetics. Many of the topics covered in this course are also covered in the Teaching Tools in Plant Biology series.

Lecture 1: Genetics I
Lecture 2: Genetics II
Lecture 3: Higher Eukaryote Genomes
Lecture 4: Transposons
Lecture 5: Genome Evolution, Insertion Mutagenesis, Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Lecture 6: Agrobacterium, T-DNA Transfer, Production of Transgenic Plants
Lecture 7: Mutagenesis and TransposonsPicture2
Lecture 8: Mutagenesis and Gene Cloning
Lecture 9: Shoot Meristem Structure and Function
Lecture 10: Cell-Cell Communication in Meristems
Lecture 11: Hormone Regulation of Meristems
Lecture 12: Crop Domestication
Lecture 13: Molecular genetics of maize domestication
Lecture 14: Ethylene Perception and Signal Transduction Pathway
Lecture 15: Ethylene II
Lecture 16: Ethylene III, Auxin I
Lecture 17: Auxin II
Lecture 18: Auxin III, Cytokinin I
Lecture 19: Cytokinin II
Lecture 20: Leaf ArrangementPicture1
Lecture 21: Leaf Polarity
Lecture 22: Root Structure and Function
Lecture 23: How Do Plants Perceive Light: Phytochrome
Lecture 24: Phytochrome II
Lecture 25: Circadian rhythms and Clocks
Lecture 26: Clocks II, Control of Flowering
Lecture 27: Clocks III, Control of Flowering
Lecture 28: Flower Organ Identity
Lecture 29: Floral Variation
Lecture 30: Floral Symmetry
Lecture 31: Self-incompatibility
Lecture 32: Genetics and Epigenetics
Lecture 33: Histone Modifications and DNA Methylation
Lecture 34: Histone Modifications and DNA Methylation II
Lecture 35: Histone Modifications and DNA Methylation III, Small RNAs
Lecture 36: Effect of miRNAs on leaf morphogenesis
Lecture 37: Plant Defense

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