Photosynthesis From Light to Life

ISPR Meeting Overlaps with Plant Biology 2018 in Montreal

The International Society of Photosynthesis Research (ISPR) meeting Photosynthesis: From Light to Life overlaps with Plant Biology, giving attendees the opportunity to attend both meetings. “Photosynthesis from Light to Life”, July 17–20, 2018, features joint concurrent and plenary sessions with Plant Biology 2018 at Palais des congrès de Montréal on the first two days. On the afternoon of July 18, the meeting moves across the street to the Westin Hotel for poster sessions and more great talks.

ISPR president Willem Vermaas, of the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona states “Photosynthesis and plant biology are fully intertwined: for the great majority of plants photosynthesis is a fundamental part of metabolism and physiology, and plant biology often cannot be fully understood without taking into account photosynthetic processes.  However, until now, the two research areas were rather separate in North America over the past couple of decades. This is why bringing together plant biologists and photosynthesis researchers is so important, and this is why I encourage all participants to sample research on ‘both sides of the aisle’.”

Speakers and topics for Photosynthesis: From Light to Life  include the ISPR/ASPB/CSPB Joint Symposium “The Ecophysiology of Photosynthesis from the Leaf to Global Scale”, with talks by Elizabete Carmo-SilvaJoy WardBeverly Law, and Joe Berry, and additional talks:

  • Photosynthesis In A Changing World, by Lisa Ainsworth
  • Artificial And Synthetic Photosynthesis, by Barry Bruce
  • Light Reactions/Light Harvesting, by Gary Brudvig
  • C4, CAM, by Tom Brutnell/John Cushman
  • CO2 Supply – Gs and Gm, by Asaph Cousins
  • Ion Channels/Signaling, by Julian Schroeder
  • Structural Cell Biology Of Photosynthesis, by Steve Theg
  • Organellar Support For Photosynthesis, by Greg Vanlerberghe
  • Global Change And Photosynthesis, by Dani Way
  • Photoprotection And Stress, by Dave Kramer

Wim continues “The plant biologists and photosynthesis researchers largely have gone their own productive but separate ways in the past decades.  However, a significant portion of the research areas is of interest to both plant biologists and photosynthesis researchers, and I greatly appreciate the enthusiastic cooperation of ASPB and CSPB to make a joint and overlapping meeting a reality in 2018. I look forward to a productive interaction with my plant biology colleagues at all stages of their career. Photosynthesis and plant biology are tightly interwoven, and it will be great to see the two communities come together more.”

Attendees can register for Photosynthesis: From Light to Life and Plant Biology 2018 at the same time.

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